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Letter to the Visitor

Dear traveler,


The agency with which you make your trip is committed to sustainability and to make a different tourism, where your experience to live in this destination is the most important for us, having as guidelines the environmental protection, for this we want to make some recommendations;

Help preserve the natural environment. Protect the flora and fauna and their habitat, and do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals.

Avoid visiting communities that have wildlife in captivity as an attraction, this encourages the capture of animals for captivity as a tourist attraction, illegal trafficking of species and animal abuse, this can cause the decline of these species or that they move away from nearby ecosystems and not return, with the prejudice that it will be more difficult for future visitors to observe these species.

Avoid using aerosols, shampoo, soaps or chemicals that are harmful to the environment, choose biodegradable products.

Be respectful of the practices and traditions different from those you know, learn from them and tolerate the diversity of thoughts and cultures.

Refrain from taking any sample of the biological or cultural resources of the destination you are visiting and remember to keep the place for the next visitors.

Choose handicrafts and local products to support the economy of the place, and adhere to the principles of fair trade. They are produced with very low impact for the environment and contribute to increase the appreciation of the local culture.

Try to minimize the generation of garbage, and reject products with unnecessary packaging as you choose to use recyclable packaging.

Thank you for visiting us, thank you for traveling with us.


Elvis Ordoñez

Creator of AMAZON TOUR

Tourism operator agency RNT.26008

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