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Our company, AMAZON TOUR, is committed to mitigating all of the negative impacts of developing its operations that affect the natural environment and optimizing the use of natural resources, promoting good ecotourism practices in parks and natural refuges, and making aforementioned natural zones known in diverse means of communication.

Likewise, we are committed to promoting and conserving the cultural heritage of the region and destinations in which it has commercial activity, divulging in a responsible manner the traditions, tourist attractions of the region, gastronomy, handicrafts and real estate of cultural importance.

Our commitment is to protect and support communities in the destinations visited, implementing good sustainable practices, respecting the rights of all stakeholders and ensuring compliance with their duties; preventing negative impacts such as ESCNNA, commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents as well as child labor associated with travel and tourism. For this we have a base of collaborators and local suppliers committed to environmental conservation, culture and social development, hired under a hiring policy without discrimination.

In Amazon tour, we comply with the legal requirements demanded by Colombian legislation and work hard to offer quality services, achieving the full satisfaction of our customers.


Sustainability Commitments

Through our policy of sustainability in Amazon tour we seek to have guidelines that put into practice the use of economic, social and environmental elements that allow us to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones in its management. For this reason we manage three fundamental axes and the programs to guarantee its applicability.


Environmental Hub

  • Our commitment is the constant training in sustainability issues, for the people and officials involved in the development of our activities as tour operator Amazon tour, to be informed and oriented in the sustainable management of it.

  • We guarantee an adequate management of solid waste, resulting from the different Amazon tour travel plans, as well as the operation. Implementation of the principles of sustainable consumption in the waste management process: replacement, reduction, reuse, recycling and repair.

  • We seek to reduce the use of Styrofoam and plastic in the transportation of food.

  • With regard to transport services whether terrestrial, aquatic and air, we verify that they are up to date with the Technical Vehicle Review, the Compulsory Vehicle Insurance and other respectives in each case.

  • In Amazon tour we have measures to ensure good use and savings of water and electricity, optimization of water resources, Installation of low consumption devices. We educate customers and employees to achieve greater environmental awareness.

  • In our operation, in each Amazon tour trip plan we seek to cause the least possible impact on the environment; to guarantee the enjoyment of current and future generations of the different tourist attractions that we have.

  • At least 80% of our suppliers have a program, standard or certification that identifies them for their sustainable tourism practices.

  • Regarding the use of household and cleaning products, we give priority to products that are friendly to the environment, that are quick to decompose and have little pollution.

  • During the tours and travel plans of Amazon tour, visitors are guided to respect and take care of the present ecosystems, as well as to avoid situations of extraction of species of flora and fauna, consumption of meat of animals in danger of extinction and hunting  of animals for illegal trafficking of species.

  • In Amazon tour we do not support suppliers or places in the region that present fauna in captivity as an attraction of the destination.

  • Visitors are encouraged not to buy crafts that have parts of wild animals.

Social Axis

  • We encourage community tourism and that the benefit of our operation is equitable, fair and not just for a provider.

  • We encourage and support the creation of local jobs.

  • We always seek cordiality and good working relationships with all the people involved in our operation.

  • In Amazon tour we respect the people with whom we interact, regardless of race, creed, gender, status, etc.

  • We promote gender equality, work with dignity and respect for Human Rights.

  • In Amazon tour we report and report any anomaly that may affect aspects related to the social issue, considering in this one the sexual tourism or the labor exploitation of children and adolescents. In compliance with Law 679 of 2001 and Resolution 3840 of 2009, Amazon tour accepts the code of conduct in order to protect minors from sexual exploitation.


Economic axis

  • We execute our work and activities, based on fair trade and work.

  • In the competition that can be presented, we manage according to fair and fair competition.

  • We propose actions related to sustainability, which entail generating additional income for personnel linked to the Amazon tour and the community.

  • We support indigenous communities and local communities.


Within all of our programs and activities to be carried out, environmental education and conservation incentive for both visitors and local actors are included as a transversal axis.


Know and identify your environment

Throughout the development of the Amazon tour travel plan activities, visitors are expected to learn where they are from. More than visiting the places, learn about the fauna and flora found in the route as well as the ecosystem in which the activity takes place. The Tropical Rainforest, as a strategic ecosystem in the protection of water and air worldwide.


Campaigns and workshops

Amazon tour seeks to participate in the promotion and development of campaigns and workshops that deal with issues of recycling, good use of resources and legal trafficking of fauna and flora. It seeks to make alliances with foundations and ONGs that deal with this problem and actively participate in the activities, aimed at both the local population and visitors


No shoes to read ...

It is a project that we want to implement in Amazon tour in which a percentage of the profits will be used to create a reading and study center for children in Leticia, where they can count on what they need to read, study or do their homework without need to have a dress code in particular, that all indigenous and mestizo children can benefit from the project, having environmental education as its main theme. It will start with a small library and as the company generates more income the project will be expanded.


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